Gripping, explosive, and timely, Lutishia Lovely’s latest novel tells the tale of one woman’s shocking discovery—and how it turns her and her celebrity sister’s different worlds upside down . . .
Since childhood, Chantel has idolized her older sister, Jett, a superstar performer. But she’s seldom seen her Hollywood-based sibling. More on the shy side, Chantel is perfectly happy with her own modest singing career and quiet Missouri hometown life. But when their mother dies and Chantel's world is upended, she hopes that moving to Los Angeles will give her a fresh start—and a chance to know Jett better. Yet the truth is, she doesn’t know Jett at all.
When Jett rebuffs her efforts to bond, Chantel learns a devastating secret she never could have imagined. Reeling and angry, Chantel soon comes up with the perfect vengeful weapon: a bestselling tell-all book that will reveal Jett's stormy past—and wreak havoc on the stardom she prizes more than anything or anyone. But Jett guards her private life for a reason, and will stop at nothing to stop the past from being exposed. Now, between hard hidden truths and bitter new revelations, Chantel must decide how much payback is too much—and if the reward is worth the life-altering price.  

Lutishia Lovely is back and it’s a matter of life and death in this witty, wise new novel where family, fanaticism, and the rebel spirit of young adulthood collide . . .
When eighteen-year-old Raina Reed is given an ultimatum—her family or her first love—she chooses the latter, leaves the rigid cult community she’s grown up in and finds herself shunned, ex-communicated . . . ghosted. Not seeing her parents is tolerable. Raina is happy for more time with her sweet, talented boyfriend Bryce, and enjoys the freedom found in living with him, his free-spirited cousin, Jackie, and Jackie’s mom Valerie, a struggling attorney. But her heart breaks at the thought of not seeing her baby sister. Abby is ten years younger and they’ve never spent one day apart—until now.

That's right, I'm back! After almost two years writing as the contemporary suspense author Camryn King, I return to the OMG landscape you lovelies crave. And not a part of a series. Can you believe? My first single title EVER!

                                                                                           Lutishia, 2020

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