You Are The Miracle You've Been Waiting For!

All my life, I've believed in and had a relationship with Spirit. For almost two decades, I've consciously practiced holistic living. As an 80% vegan (I allow myself the ocassional dairy product) who regularly practices meditation/ visualization/prayer, EFT (Emotional Frequency Techinique a/k/a tapping),  astrology/numerology and am familiar with a dozen more spiritual modalities, I am my own best example of how one can transform their life. As a certified transformation life coach, I help you do what thousands of others have their best life! Together we'll determine exactly what is your life path, your soul's desire, your life dream, and the best way for you to reach it.

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Lovelies, did you know that my name, Lutishia, means great I am thrilled to expand my life's purpose of spreading joy while sending love and light from writing books designed to inspire, educate and entertain to this parallel career in coaching and cheering you on to the life of your dreams.  


This webinar, Write Yourself Rich, came to me as all other inspired ideas I've received from Spirit. In an instant. Clearly formed. It is a labor of love, created with specific, positive intentions for all who watch. I hope the message resonates with your creative spirit. I hope it either informs or affirms what you already know...there is something only you can do and nobody can be a better you! was it? Are you one step closer to living a fuller, richer, more satisfying life? Could you benefit from a more in-depth presentation of what you just saw? If so, join us for the Write Yourself LootCamp! Simply follow the instructions on the video and sign up below. Once registered, a more detailed registration  and information packet will be sent within 24-48 hours. See you soon!!!!

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