*     Certified (Mind/Body/Soul) Tri-Life Coach

        *      Certified Reiki Master

        *      Certified EFT and NLP Practitioner

        *      Meditation/Visualization Instructor

        *      Literary Consultant (from full-time author w/over 40  traditionally

                published novels covering several genres.)

You Are The Miracle You've Been Waiting For!

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For $299 (or $399 if installment plan is preferred) you get:


*   Two 90-minute one-on-one consultations

*   Step-by-step instructions on getting from brainchild to book shelf

*   Follow-up phone calls for a period of 90 days to help you stay on course

*   Professional edit of first 3 book chapters.


For more information, and a 5-minute FREE consultation to see if we're a fit, please fill out the form below. Remember to include your phone number so that I can give you a call!